We have demonstrated historic techniques for many years now, particularly hewing with broadaxes from our ever expanding collection! We are always interested to hear from anyone who feels such a demonstration would be of value at their event, any excuse to justify the further purchases!

For several years we have been involved in the training and education of others through repairs workshops and demonstrations. We have spoken and demonstrated at dayschools organised by Mid Suffolk District Council as well as the Institute of Historic Building Conservation.

In 2002 Rick and Dan went to Transylvania, Romania for two weeks to assist the Transylvania Trust and the IHBC with the ongoing training programme at Banffy Castle in Bontida. Students were taught scribe carpentry methods for new framing as well as conservative repair techniques.

We have hosted work placements for conservation students, trainee craftsmen, engineers and architects as well as the SPAB William Morris Craft Fellowship.

In 2004 Rick was one of the main organisers for "FRAME 2004" the annual conference and gathering of the Carpenters Fellowship, it was held at Cressing Temple Barns in Essex and was attended by over 300 frame enthusiasts from the UK, US, Canada and Europe.

Recently Rick has been a guest lecturer on the Cambridge University Conservation of Historic Buildings course demonstrating timber conversion and historic framing techniques as well as repair methods.

In the of summer 2007 we were featured in the BBC Series: "How we built Britain - Medieval East Anglia"; presented by David Dimbleby. Go to the projects page for details and pictures

Rick teaches many of the courses at Orchard Barn as well as recently taking over the well established carpentry repairs course for Essex County Council. He will also be one of the tutors for the new scholarship in historic building conservation put together by Bury Town Trust and West Suffolk College.

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Rick demonstrating hewing Demonstrating techniques to carpenters in Transylvania Frame 2004 - Cressing Temple Barns Cambridge University Conservation of Historic Buildings Rick Lewis - Click for a larger picture Rick demonstrating trestle sawing