All of our Oak is from well managed sources and wherever possible from local woodland. We are keen to promote the UK timber industry at all levels and deal only with reputable suppliers with good procurement policies. One local sawyer we deal with; Andrew Moore, sources extensively from Sites of Specific Scientific Interest dealing regularly with the Woodland trust, Suffolk Wildlife Trust, National Trust etc. and is thus very well managed. All of our repair projects and some of our new frames utilise his excellent quality timber.

Timber is a very sustainable resource if managed properly and by supporting our local and UK mills we are helping to ensure their survival in the face of cheap imports from eastern Europe.

Green, unseasoned Oak contains a high percentage of water and thus shrinks as it dries and seasons. Providing it is jointed in the correct manner, when it twists and shrinks most types of joint lock together even more. As it dries it also becomes far stronger and thus the shrinkage ends up as a purely visual issue, although most people seem to think it looks better with the splits and checks!

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